DIY Tutorial & Freebie: cross stitched photo album

cross stitched photo album - 1

What you will need:

  • For the outside cover: 4 squares of thick cardboard; 2 squares of wadding (batting) of the same size; 2 pieces of evenweave fabric (one embroidered, the other plain) large enough to cover the cardboard pieces
  • For the inside: 11 sheets of thinner card stock or paper (the same height as the outside cover, and twice as wide)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • PVA (white craft glue) diluted with water, or double sided tape
  • Needle and thread
  • A long piece of ribbon
  • A small charm (optional)

cross stitched photo album - 2


Start with the front cover: glue a piece of batting to a square of cardboard and allow to dry.

cross stitched photo album - 3

Stitch a cross stitch design of your choice on one of the fabric pieces. Place the embroidery right side down and place the cardboard backing, batting side down, in the centre.
Apply glue or double sided tape all around the edges of the cardboard.
Fold the fabric corners over the glued area.
Fold the sides of the fabric over and press.
Sew the corner mitres together to make them  neat and flat (use regular sewing thread).
Repeat the same steps for the back cover.

cross stitched photo album - 4
Sew or glue the ribbon in place leaving a space between the covers sufficient to hold the necessary pages, and glue the remaining two squares of thick cardboard over it.

cross stitched photo album - 5


Cut 11 or more pieces of card stock the same height as the outside cover, and twice as wide.
Fold each piece in half.

cross stitched photo album - 6
Using glue or double sided tape, fix the folded pieces together to create an accordion-style fold as shown below.

cross stitched photo album - 7
Glue the first accordion page to the front cover and the last page to the back cover.

cross stitched photo album - 8
Close the book and make a bow with the ribbon. Add a charm of your choice.

cross stitched photo album - 9

Our model was stitched on dark red 28 ct. Lugana evenweave fabric using DMC floss.

The cross stitched letters are from the book “Vintage Cross Stitch – Alphabets”

cross stitched photo album - 10

Right-click on the image below to get our free chart!



… From our Bookshelf …

Alphabets - Abécédaires - Alfabeti

Vintage Cross Stitch

ISBN 9788875473174

Click here for MORE INFO.


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  1. Vintage Fan

    This is gorgeous! I want to make a photo book for my parents’ wedding anniversary, and I really want to make it something special. This is by far the best idea and design that I’ve found for my photo book project :)

  2. Mariangela Caligiuri

    This is definitely my favourite cross stitch alphabets book! Love all the designs in it!

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