Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets series

Excerpts from the book Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets.

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Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets – Letters I and J
Product type: ebook (printable PDF file)
Print length: 12 pages including cover pages
Sheet size: A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm)
File size: 2 MB
Languages: English, French and Italian

NOTE: This PDF file is an excerpt from the book Vintage Cross Stitch Alphabets, and it contains different styles of the letters “I” and “J”.

Every pattern present in this album is taken from samplers, reviews and old embroidery journals published at the beginning of the Twentieth century. To help the reader, all patterns have been redrawn and organized by type. The proposed colours are just an indication and can be changed according to personal taste and preference.
Important notice: since all the patterns are true reproductions, some alphabets miss out some letters, especially K, X, Y and W (the latter being often considered as a double V). In many cases also I and J are mixed up and considered as being the same letter.
Price: €1,99
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