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Find answers to your questions. If you do not find your question here, please contact us.

Cherche ici les réponses à tes questions. Si tu ne trouves pas ta question, n’hésite pas à nous contacter.



1. Browsing and choosing your products / Recherche et choix des produits

How do I search for products online? / Ou trouve-je tous les produits qu’on peut acheter en ligne?

The products included in our catalogue are divided into the categories that appear in the dropdown menu above.
Clicking each of them, you will be displayed a page with all the products of the selected category and its subcategories.
In any case, you can search for products by typing in the keywords of the products that you are looking for in the Quick Search box, which is displayed at the top righthand side of your screen.

Les produits qui font partie du catalogue sont divisés en catégories; on peut les visualiser dans la barre du menu dans la partie supérieure de l’écran. En cliquant sur chaque catégorie, tu vas trouver la liste des produits et les éventuelles sous-catégories.
En tout cas, tu peux chercher les produits en écrivant les mots-clés dans la case de recherche rapide (Quick Search) dans la barre latérale.


2. Placing an order / Effectuer un ordre

Do I need an account to place an order? / Est-ce que j’ai besoin d’un account pour effectuer un ordre?

No, you don’t need to create an account. You can start shopping straight away by following the easy steps on screen.

No, créer un account n’est pas nécessaire. Tu peux commencer à acheter en suivant les simples instructions à l’écran.

How do I place an order? / Comment peux-je effectuer un ordre?

First of all select the product you would like to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. If you want to go back to browsing and shopping for other products, press the Continue Shopping button.
Once you have all the items you want to purchase in your shopping cart, click the Checkout button and follow the on screen instructions to fill in your payment details and submit the order.
After purchase you can view your order history and status in the My Orders tab.

Tout d’abord, tu dois sélectionner le produit que tu veux acheter et l’ajouter au panier en cliquant sur le bouton Add to cart. Si tu désires continuer les achats et ajouter d’autres produits, clique sur Continue Shopping.
Quand tous les articles que tu veux acheter seront dans le panier, clique sur le bouton check out et suis les instructions pour choisir la modalité de payement et envoyer l’ordre d’achat.
Apres l’achat tu pourras vérifier l’état et la chronologie des ordres que tu as effectué à la section My Orders.

What type of payment methods do you accept? / Quels sont les modalités de payement acceptées?

We accept PayPal, Stripe and all major credit cards as payment options.
Please note that you don’t need to have a PayPal or a Stripe account: on the first Paypal or Stripe checkout page just choose the option “Pay using your credit or debit card” and fill in your card information.

Nous acceptons PayPal ou Stripe et toutes les principales cartes de crédit.
On rappelle qu’on peut utiliser la modalité de payement PayPal ou Stripe même si on n’a pas un compte courant PayPal ou Stripe: après avoir été readressé sur la page PayPal ou Stripe, il suffira sélectionner la voix “Payement avec carte de crédit ou prépayée” et remplir le formulaire avec les données de sa carte.

Are there any shipping costs? / Y-a-t-il des frais d’expédition?

No, all our products are digital and downloadable, so no shipping costs are applied.

Non, tous nos produits sont digitalisés, sans frais d’expédition.


3. Digital Delivery and copyright information / Digital Delivery et informations de copyright

What is the Digital Delivery? / Qu’est ce que c’est le Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery allows you to download a printable version of a book or a design without any shipping costs.

Le Digital Delivery permet de télécharger la version digitale d’un livre (e-book) ou d’un schéma de broderie sans frais d’expédition.

Where do I find the file I have bought? / Où vais-je trouver les fichiers que j’ai acheté?

After purchase, you will receive an email with an encrypted link to download the digital item.
The download link will expire after two days, so you should download the file right away even if you don’t intend to use it immediately.
If you have any problems with downloading, please contact us and we will help you.

Après l’achat, vous recevrez un e-mail contenant un lien unique pour télécharger votre fichier. Ce fichier arrivera à échéance dans deux jours; il faut donc le sauver immédiatement sur ton propre ordinateur. Si tu as des problèmes avec le téléchargement, n’hésite pas à nous contacter.

How can I view and print the file I’ve downloaded? / Comment peux-je visualiser et imprimer le fichier téléchargé?

All our downloadable documents are in A4 PDF format, so they can be viewed and printed by any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t already have this software installed on your computer, you can download and install it for free from

Tous nos produits sont en .pdf et, par conséquent, on peut facilement les visualiser sur tous les ordinateurs qui ont Adobe Acrobat Reader. Si ce software n’est pas encore installé sur ton ordinateur, tu peux le télécharger et l’installer gratuitement à travers le site

What can I do (and what cannot I do) with my downloaded files? / Qu’est-ce que je peux faire (et qu’est-ce que je ne peux pas faire) avec les fichier téléchargés?

Our digital files are protected by copyright and they are only for your own PERSONAL USE.
You can make as many working copies as you want for personal purposes and you can save them on your computer or on your backup supports, but YOU CANNOT print, copy, or transfer them (on paper or electronically) for anybody else.
Any copyright violation and unauthorized distribution, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, will be prosecuted by law.

Nos fichiers digitalisés sont protégés par copyright et ils sont destinés à une UTILISATION PERSONNELLE seulement. Tu peux les sauver sur ton ordinateur ou en faire des copies de backup, mais TU NE PEUX ABSOLUMENT PAS les imprimer, les copier, les transférer (sur papier ou version digitalisé) ou les prêter à personne.
Chaque violation du copyright et chaque diffusion non autorisée, même à travers les services de diffusion des fichiers peer-to-peer, seront puni selon la loi.

Can I sell finished items based on your designs? / Peux-je vendre des broderies finies tirées de vos schémas?

All of our designs are intended for personal use. Anyway, the sale of finished pieces made from them is acceptable for charity, or if you buy a new pattern for each piece you sell, including through the internet.
In this case you must clearly state the designer’s name in the item description and provide a link to our web address.

Tous nos schémas sont destinés à l’utilisation personnelle, cependant la vente d’objets tirés d’eux est accepté pour raisons bénéfiques, ou si on achète une copie du schéma pour chaque objet fini qu’on a intention de vendre, à travers internet aussi.
Dans ce dernier cas, on devra clairement indiquer le nom de la créatrice du schéma dans la description de l’objet et ajouter un link à notre adresse web.

58 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Ajisai Press

      Dear Jurgita, thank you for your visit! :-) You can pay with your credit card securely via PayPal.
      Paypal accepts all major credit cards and you don’t need an account to use it. On the first Paypal checkout page choose the option “Pay using your credit card”.

  1. yul2244

    Hi! I’m from Russia and I want to buy some of your designs but I can not find my country in the list when I enter th billing adress. Please help me(

  2. Tigermum

    How soon after purchase does the pattern appear in My Download area? I purchased a pattern today and have received a confirmation email, but there is not pattern available yet? Thanks

  3. katherine musson

    i find ladybug and daisy blackwork, in the world cross stitching magzaine issue 231, i am new to black work i like start one but lady and bug one does say if it for beginner or notxxx i hope you help me out .
    kind regards
    Katherine musson

  4. katherinesut

    This is the 5th e mail I have sent regarding the purchases I have bought from you. I am still awaiting reply from you, I did not realize that I had to download the patterns from you and they would only be there for 2 days. I was expecting them in the post. Can you please resent them so I can download them.

    1. Ajisai Press

      Dear Katherine,
      thank you for writing us here… We sent you several emails with the PDF files attached, yesterday and today, but it seems that you didn’t receive none of them. Could you please check your spam folder? Unfortunately there is no way to reactivate expired downloads. Have you another email address? Or if you prefer we can cancel and refund your order, so you can place another one. Please let us know what you prefer. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Shana Painting

    HI, I have two patterns in my shopping cart, how can i change the currency amount to US dollars? See if I can afford to purchase these this month.
    Thanks ahead of time for answering my questions. I see your on top of things. :)

  6. Shana Painting

    Okay, had to make another comment. I just purchased 5 patterns, euro’s was 32,95 and US dollars came to be $37.17 …. I am putting this out there so any other customer from the States can see that it was that much more expensive.

    1. Ajisai Press

      Hi Carolyn :-)
      For our models we usually use DMC threads. In some cases, we used black sewing thread no.50 and Aurifil wool threads, too, but almost all of our charts include both DMC and Anchor colour numbers.

  7. beruskas

    How soon after purchase does the pattern appear in My Download area? I purchased a pattern yesterday and have received a confirmation email, but there is not pattern available yet? Thanks Věra

    1. Ajisai Press

      It could be a display issue, so thank you for writing us, and sorry for the inconvenience. We have just sent you the files by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any problems. Thank you!

    1. Ajisai Press

      Hi! Our model was stitched on 32 count Belfast linen, but you can use any evenweave fabric you like :-)
      Have you already downloaded the chart? We hope you will enjoy stitching it, and please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

  8. ramille12

    I ordered and paid for 2 designs but I have not received the downloads or an email, I’ve submitted several “contact” forms but have not received a reply to any of them. I need the designs or my money back.

    Rachael (order 3335)

    1. Ajisai Press

      Dear Rachael, thank you for writing us here. Unfortunately we did not receive your emails, and we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
      We have sent you the PDF charts. Please, let us know if you don’t receive them. Thank you

  9. JB Ingstad

    I purchased Helleborne and Snowberry pattern. My question is Which I should do first the Cross Stitch part or the Blackwork? This is my first Blackwork that includes cross stitch? Thank you for your thoughts. jb

    1. Ajisai Press

      There is no precise rule, but generally we suggest to work the cross stitch areas first, then the outlines in Holbein stitch, and finally all the blackwork fill-in patterns.
      We hope this helps. Happy stitching! :-)

    1. Ajisai Press

      The patterns should be downloaded from our website within two days from the date of purchase, and then expire. If there are no items in the download area during those two days, it could be a display issue, so thank you for writing us. As requested, we have sent the files by email. Please, let us know if you don’t receive them. Thank you and best wishes! :-)

  10. Neasa Barrett

    I have a question but first I just wanted to say that you have the most amazing patterns. I have completed some of them and the one with the ladybug on the flower turned out amazing. I have just finished Hellebore and snowberry and can’t wait to get it frameed . My next project is the Long-tailed rosefinch. Looking at your website I would love to buy the dog and butterfly but you do not have for download. Is there anywhere I can get it. I llve in Ireland and do not have access to the magazine that it was published in.
    Kind regards and keep the patterns coming

    Reply ↓

  11. Marlene

    Am currently doing your hummingbird pattern. Having difficulty. Not sure how to explain it. Am doing an angled backstitch from square one to square 6- starting in lower left hole of square one and ending up in upper left hole of square 6. Am to remain on same horizontal row . Going over 2 threads so not sure how to do an angled line with so few places to end a stitch without the angled line becoming straight. Gosh! I’m not sure that even makes sense to me.

    1. Ajisai Press

      Not sure if we have understood the question correctly, but have you tried to make two stitches (each one over 6×1 threads of linen) instead of a single long stitch (worked over 12×2 threads)? You may also try to use the double running stitch instead of the backstitch. We hope this helps…

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