Blackwork Design: Jellyfish

€ 18.00 – COVER PRICE*
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by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs

Product type: Blackwork chart
Stitch count: 390 x 140
Stitches: Holbein Stitch
Material required: Black evenweave fabric or Aida, variegated stranded cotton, metallic stranded threads, beads and paillettes. Colours and sizes are indicated in the chart key.
Instructions in English, French and Italian

jellyfish preview

wip jellyfish

Our model was stitched using DMC threads on 18 count Aida fabric.


10 thoughts on “Blackwork Design: Jellyfish

    1. Ajisai Press

      Hi Jan, the price of an embroidery chart depends on several factors such as the size, complexity, originality, and quality of the design. The development of this project required many more hours of work than others.

      1. Claire

        And is WELL worth every penny! I am anxiously awaiting my chosen fabric and have “read” the chart many times. I am in awe of the talent it took to create such a gorgeous pattern.

  1. Racheal Stringer

    Hi there, Can i just clarify the threads used. I have the pattern and have just bought the threads, i was surprised to see the colour variations 4160 is yellow and apricot coloured. I can’t see these colours in your finished picture, is this correct?

    1. Ajisai Press

      Hi Racheal :-)
      Yes, DMC Colour Variations 4160 is the correct colour. For our model we used it together with DMC E5200 to achieve an iridescent effect, though it’s difficult to see this in the picture.

  2. Jane George-John

    Do you list the source for the small iridescent sequins I see on the worked piece? I would like to purchase the pattern but I want to be able to purchase the necessary items to finish it properly.

    1. Ajisai Press

      Hi! For the Jellyfish design, you will need the following sequins and beads of a brand of your choice:
      – 113 transparent round seed beads;
      – 54 silver round seed beads;
      – 35 clear iridescent cup sequins;
      – 54 silver flat sequins.
      They can be found in some craft stores and on the internet.
      We hope this helps :-)

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