Cross Stitch and Blackwork Designs: Blue Birds & Berries

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by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs

Product type: set of 3 charts (Azure Tit and Blueberries; Mountain Bluebird and Blackcurrant; Blue Jay and Mistletoe), which can be worked individually or grouped together.
Stitch count for each motif: 100 x 100
Stitches: Cross Stitch, Three-quarter Cross Stitch, Holbein Stitch
Instructions in English, French and Italian

Blue birds and berries -ajisaidesigns

This booklet includes 3 different designs:

  • Azure Tit and Blueberries (Mésange Azurée et Myrtilles – Cincia Azzurra e Mirtilli)
  • Mountain Bluebird and Blackcurrant (Merlebleu Azuré et Groseillier Noir – Azzurrino Montano e Ribes Nero)
  • Blue Jay and Mistletoe (Geai Bleu et Gui – Ghiandaia Azzurra e Vischio)

Blue birds and berries triptych

Note: the triptych in the picture above is just an example of what you can create with these charts.


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