Cross Stitch and Blackwork Designs: Welcome to our Home

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by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs

Product type: a set of 4 blackwork and cross stitch charts
Stitch counts:
– The three “Welcome” patterns, in English (“Welcome to our home“), French (“Bienvenue chez nous“) and Italian (“Benvenuti a casa nostra“): 110 x 214
Little key: 70 x 59
Stitches: Cross Stitch, Three-quarter Cross Stitch, Holbein Stitch
Patterns and instructions in English, French and Italian

Welcome banners by Ajisai Press Welcome to our home - Ajisai Press

Note: the two key holders in the pictures are just an example of what you can create with these charts.

One thought on “Cross Stitch and Blackwork Designs: Welcome to our Home

  1. Lafontaine Viviane

    Bonjour !
    Je voudrais découvrir cette nouvelle technique de point de croix qui me fait de l’œil depuis que je l’ai vue. Alors pourquoi pas essayer ce modèle avant de faire un beau et splendide ta bleu de chez vous. Bonne journée.
    Mme Lafontaine Viviane

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