A few words about copyright violations

Our embroideries are appreciated all over the world and we often happened to find illegal copies of our designs on some cross stitch forums and blogs. At first, believing in the good faith of those who decided to share these patterns with their friends, we tried to explain that this is not correct, and we requested the removal of the illegal files.
Unfortunately, none of our requests has been heard. The illegal copies of the files have multiplied, and now we are forced to take legal actions.


Furthermore, we are very sorry to inform that due to these continuous copyright violations, our embroidery patterns will be no longer available in some countries, such as Russia, China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe area.

Behind every design there are thousands of hours of hard work that must be respected. Sharing a copyrighted embroidery chart is exactly like stealing, and hurts the designer, the publisher and all the other people involved.

If you love embroidery, and if you’re always looking for new and creative designs, please support the needlework industry and buy original.

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The Ajisai Press team


UPDATE – April 2015:

Almost a year has passed, and after several requests, we have decided to re-open the sales worldwide. Anyway, we hope that this temporary block has helped to reflect on the consequences of copyright violations. Please, support the needlework industry.


UPDATE – August 2021:

Due to continuing copyright infringements, we have decided to stop digital selling of our designs. From now on, all our embroidery charts will be available worldwide exclusively in paper version through the international seller Book Depository.
Thank you for understanding,
The Ajisai Press Team