Woolly & Cosy: a free cross stitch pattern from the Warm Winter Collection

Woolly and cosy by Ajisai Press


This brand-new pattern has been designed to perfectly match with our Warm Winter Collection:


Warm Winter Collection - Ajisai Press
It’s so simple and quick that you can easily complete it in a weekend!


woolly and cosy - cross stitch freebie - Ajisai Press


Our model was stitched using Aurifil Lana wool threads on 11 count wool Aida fabric, to make a really cosy hot-water bottle cover, but if you prefer you can also use the common cotton floss and a higher count evenweave fabric.


woolly and cosy hot water bottle cover - Ajisai Press



(The motif would also look lovely on a Christmas card if stitched on a 28 or 32 count fabric)

Woolly and cosy - free chart - Ajisai Press

 Happy stitching!

A miniature embroidery on a small scrap of hand painted linen


Embroidering miniatures is a great way to use small scraps of fabric instead to throw them away.

keep calm cross stitch miniature

With a textile paint or dye you can also change the colour of your fabric (you can get an incredible variety of colours using just the three primary colours!).
In this case I’m going to use a red textile paint to recolour an ivory linen that has been left over from another embroidery project.

hand painted linen tutorial1

You can use a brush or a sponge to apply the paint, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

hand painted linen tutorial2

After painting, leave to dry for a few hours. Then fix paint by ironing on the wrong side of the fabric for 5 minutes.
… Now the fabric is ready to be embroidered!

hand painted linen tutorial3 - stitching miniature

To make a really tiny cross stitch miniature, stitch over one thread of your evenweave fabric instead of two.

Here is the chart for the “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” motif:

keep calm free cross stitch chart

Model stitched on a 32 count linen using one strand of white cotton over one thread of fabric

How to design your own cross stitch pattern

Cross Stitch Flowers

Cross stitched flowers


What you will need:

  • a picture to convert to cross stitch
  • tracing graph paper
  • markers or coloured pencils
  • a floss shade card

handpainted vintage postcard

Original image (handpainted vintage postcard)

1. Choose a tracing graph paper which correspond in size to the fabric count you will use (the higher the count, the more detailed your design will be). You can download and print it here for free.

How To Design Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern

2. Lay the tracing graph paper over the image you would like to convert and redraw the image by colouring the grid squares.

How To Design Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern - 1

3. Add backstitch lines, french knots or beads.

How To Design Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern - 2

4. Use a shade card to match thread colours and make a simple chart key with thread numbers.

How To Design Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern - 3

5. Now you can stitch your design!

How To Design Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern - 4

Needlebook stitched on 32 count cream linen


Free cross stitch pattern by Ajisai Press


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Blank cross stitch gridsBLANK CROSS STITCH GRIDS

This PDF contains 4 printable blank grids:
– 11 count Aida
– 14 count Aida and 28 count linen
– 16 count Aida and 32 count linen
– 18 count Aida and 36 count linen
You can print these grids on A4 white paper or tracing paper.


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