Introducing a new title in the Vintage Cross Stitch series

Our beloved book series, Vintage Cross Stitch, returns this month with a new title: Vintage Cross Stitch Flowers

The book, curated by Valentina Sardu, features wonderful full-color illustrations: 60 tables in large format, 410 x 290 mm, with over 90 cross stitch floral motifs, retraced from original charts published during the Nineteenth century and at the beginning of the Twentieth century.

Here you can see some of the antique charts used for this project…


Take a look at the video preview (watch in HD for a better resolution):

One of the patterns, a gorgeous cushion with poppies, has been also featured on the cover of the Italian magazine RicAmare (June 2017).

Discover all the titles in the Vintage Cross Stitch series!


How to keep your place on a Blackwork or Cross Stitch chart
{DIY Chart Marker tutorial}

How to keep your place on a Blackwork or Cross Stitch chartSome charted designs for counted-thread embroideries, especially Blackwork, are very intricate and it’s easy to lose track of stitches.

To avoid this, you can:

– make a photocopied “working copy” of the pattern and use a highlighter to mark the completed areas

– fix the original chart on a metal board, and surround the area where you are working with magnetic strips and rulers (see photo to the right)

Alternatively, here is a simple and inexpensive chart marker that you can easily create by yourself:

DIY Chart Marker

DIY chart marker - Ajisai Press

DIY chart marker 3

You will need:

  • cardstock (preferably in a dark contrasting colour)
  • ruler
  • paper cutter
  • decorative-edge scissors (optional)


Cut a strip of cardstock, about 4,5 cm wide, and about 1,5 cm longer than your chart page on each side.

If you want, you can also decorate the two lateral edges using a pair of scalloped scissors. DIY chart marker 4Then, following the template below, cut two horizontal lines with the same width of the pattern sheet.

Chart Marker template - Ajisai Press

Your chart marker is now ready to be used: insert the chart through the two openings, and slide and position the marker where you need it.

You can use it alone or combined with another marker, with single sheets or with books and magazines.

DIY chart marker for cross stitch patterns - Ajisai Press

DIY cross-stitched chart marker - Ajisai PressOf course, you can make many other markers in any size, colour and material.

You can also add a personal touch using a colorful patterned cardstock or, why not, a piece of perforated paper worked in cross stitch.


The chart marker below was stitched on 18-count burgundy perforated paper with stranded cotton threads, using a floral motif from the book “Vintage Cross Stitch Borders“.

cross-stitched chart marker - Ajisai Press7



Vintage Cross Stitch

vintage cross stitch alphabets and borders

The first collection of original cross stitch charts, from 19th and 20th Century, reproduced in large print for a more comfortable reading. Each album includes 58 colored tables with explanations in Italian, English and French and an empty grid page for the design of your own cross stitch patterns. All the titles are available internationally through several online webstores and our distributor LibroCo.

La première collection de grilles de point de croix grand format, pour réaliser avec facilité les broderies tirées des dessins originaux imprimés à cheval entre le XIX siècle et le début du XX. Chaque recueil présente 58 planches en couleurs, descriptions en italien, anglais et français et une grille vierge pour créer ses propres dessins en point de croix.

La prima collana di schemi per punto croce in grande formato, per realizzare facilmente ricami tratti da disegni originali d’epoca pubblicati tra l’Ottocento e l’inizio del Novecento. Ogni album contiene 58 tavole a colori, descrizioni in italiano, inglese e francese, e una griglia vuota per elaborare i propri schemi a punto croce.
Tutti gli album sono acquistabili anche sul sito di Marco Valerio edizioni, nei principali bookshop online e ordinabili presso qualsiasi libreria in tutta Italia.


Titles in this series:

Vintage Cross Stitch – ALPHABETS
FORMAT: Paperback / Broché / Brossura
SIZE: 41 x 29 cm
ISBN-13: 9788875473174

Over 50 cross stitch alphabets / Il présente plus de 50 abécédaires en point de croix / Contiene più di 50 alfabeti a punto croce.
Price: €24,00
Vintage Cross Stitch – BORDERS
FORMAT: Paperback / Broché / Brossura
SIZE: 41 x 29 cm
ISBN-13: 9788875473167

Over 300 cross stitch borders / Il présente plus de 300 bordures en point de croix / Contiene più di 300 bordure a punto croce.
Price: €24,00
Vintage Cross Stitch – VICTORIAN AGE
FORMAT: Paperback / Broché / Brossura
SIZE: 41 x 29 cm
ISBN-13: 9788875474270

Over 170 Victorian motifs / Il présente plus de 170 motifs victoriens / Contiene più di 170 motivi vittoriani.
Price: €24,00
Vintage Cross Stitch – FLOWERS
FORMAT: Paperback / Broché / Brossura
SIZE: 41 x 29 cm
ISBN-13: 9788875474508

Over 90 cross stitch floral motifs / Il présente plus de 90 motifs floraux en point de croix / Contiene più di 90 motivi floreali a punto croce.
Price: €24,00