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Enchanted Books - cross stitch charts by Ajisai Designs

Cross Stitch Designs: Enchanted Books

  ENCHANTED BOOKS Cross Stitch charts by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs   –> Please scroll down to see the whole collection!       CHARTS IN THIS SERIES: Enchanted Books: ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs Product type: Cross stitch chart Stitch count: 230 x 170 Stitches: Cross stitch, three-quarter cross […]

cuscini ajisai designs

Blackwork & Cross Stitch Designs: Floral Alphabet

(The cushions shown in the picture are just an example of what you can create with these charts) — FLORAL ALPHABET by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Designs Product type: Blackwork and Cross Stitch charts Stitch count: 134 x 134 Stitches: Cross stitch, three-quarter cross stitch, backstitch or Holbein stitch, beads Languages: English, French and Italian […]

cross stitched photo album - 1

DIY Tutorial & Freebie: cross stitched photo album

What you will need: For the outside cover: 4 squares of thick cardboard; 2 squares of wadding (batting) of the same size; 2 pieces of evenweave fabric (one embroidered, the other plain) large enough to cover the cardboard pieces For the inside: 11 sheets of thinner card stock or paper (the same height as the […]

cross stitch embroidered powder compact

DIY Tutorial: embroidered powder compact

–What you will need: powder compact; embroidery floss; linen; tapestry needle; embroidery scissors; embroidery hoop (optional); circle template; ruler; marking pencil; universal glue – The cross stitch pattern is from the model book “Neues Modelbuch Von unterschiedlicher Art der Blumen und anderer genehten Mödel” by Rosina Helena Fürst. – – Step ① : measure diameter […]